Story time

Since november 2012 I have an iPhone 5. Since the 6s came out, I had my eyes on it, but I wanted to wait since my 5 was still working very well. But I finally decided I wanted it like NOW. I ordered it. Oops. First mistakes, I bought a Samsung S6. DONT ASK ME HOW I DID THIS.. 100-0 real quick, I cancelled that order pretty freaking fast. One week later: Thanks God it’s not on my credit card anymore = I can buy that iPhone 6s. I finally buy the right phone………..but I did a mistake in the carrier name I’m with.. Ya right no problem….

I thought I was DONE with all of those mistakes BUT.
On the day it was supposed to be delivered, I saw that Purolator wrote something that felt funny to me. It said that my package was in a Vault.. WTF RIGHT? I called them. They told me the delievery guy made an mistake and it didn’t delievered it at the right place.¬† Jesus Christ SEND HELP.

I got my iPhone at the end of the day and ya….it felt good after all of this waiting time.

That’s just my luck :)


About me.


My first post yayyyyy! So I am going to start this off with some facts about me.

My name is Melissa, I am 20 years old, born and raised in Quebec, Canada (YES I do speak french :) ).

I am your typical, regular  20 y.o. girl that keeps up with school, a part-time job, and a love & social life.

I want to write my ideas and basically everything that goes through my mind. I am very excited to start this new project and I hope you’ll find your place here, in my world :)

M .